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  • NictBitoess

    2013-09-13 16:48:04

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  • EloloTeliaSah

    2013-09-13 13:39:22

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  • ninismant

    2013-09-13 12:48:09

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  • EloloTeliaSah

    2013-09-13 05:29:48

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  • Alcodally

    2013-09-13 02:54:41

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  • DomodonEcooni

    2013-09-13 02:54:16

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  • passytutdag

    2013-09-13 02:39:12

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  • Riccardo

    2013-09-12 17:07:35

    This does look prgismino. I'll keep coming back for more....

  • Muskan

    2013-09-12 17:01:33

    That's a skillful answer to a dicilfuft question...

  • Angel

    2013-09-12 13:56:59

    yeh i know but Smith was a game manager last year, and he was nrowehe for his first six seasons, I think he will be great this year but if you look at that what I have said, a typically winning franchise like the Vikings cannot wait that long. can't wait for the game though SKOL VIKES, all I want is to come within 7 or less and I will be confident for the rest of the season, nice game and no injuries. and hopefully the replacement refs (and Leslie Frazier) don't screw the Vikes....



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